Currently, for us we are interested only in additions to existing structures. The focus here is to make sure that the new addition and the old house are as seamless in looks as the budget will allow.

When you want to add an addition onto your existing structure, we can take care of it for you. Additions are great for adding the space that you need. Perhaps you need another bedroom added on to the home or a home office so you can work at home. Sometimes rooms just need to be larger or you want a place where you can relax like a sun room.

When our Minneapolis & St. Paul remodelers add an addition on to the home, the goal is to ensure that the addition integrates seamlessly into the house so that it looks as if the addition was always there. Our designers work to ensure that it does not look odd or out of place.

Specializing In Additions Of All Sizes

Some home additions are as small as a slight expansion of a family room or kitchen and others are as large as adding an entire room. For instance, you may need another bedroom added on to your home because you have a new addition to the family. Then again, you may start working at home and need a new office space that is far away from the living space occupied by the rest of the family. Another type of addition is the enclosed patio or a large room used to house a swimming pool, creating an indoor pool environment. There are so many possibilities of all different sizes.

Any time we add a small or large addition, the architectural goal is to ensure that it harmonizes with the rest of the home, inside and out. In the meantime, it also has to meet your needs, dreams, and your goals for the space now and in the future.

Paying Attention To The Smallest Details

When you hire M. Tully Construction to add more space to your home, we pay very close attention to the small details. Sometimes home additions are not about just adding on the space, but you may need more storage space, shelving, and other elements that make the area highly functional. Perhaps you want a couple of windows or a lot of windows. Whatever you need, you can tell us and our Minneapolis & St. Paul remodelers will draw up a plan that makes it happen for you. While we can make the new space harmonize with the old, it is important that the small details are not ignored so that the space is everything that you want it to be.

Contact A St. Paul & Minneapolis Home Remodeler

Rather than sell your home because you need more room, you can have an addition added to the existing structure. At M. Tully Construction, we focus on ensuring that the new addition that you want integrates seamlessly into the home. We work with your budget and your needs to make sure you have the home that you want. To learn more about how we can help, call us at 612-366-7636 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.