We believe in the design/build concept of construction. This does not mean that we will not work with plans provided by others. We are happy to create quotes from others designs. From a client cost perspective the design/build model is the most efficient path to create a new space. We are capable of creating 3-d color perspective drawings, scaled plan views, elevations and details etc.

At M. Tully Construction, we look at your home’s floor plan and we listen to what you want and need. Many times, our customers have an idea of what they want and where they want it and other times they need guidance to help them turn their visions into realities.

We listen to your requirements and then we present our ideas on how to make your ideas work with the existing floor plan. If you need to make better use of your space and you want a certain style, color, or material integrated into the job, we will create a design for you that will show what your idea will look like once it is finished. From there, you can better see the outcome and can make the necessary changes.

This is what a quality Minneapolis & St. Paul remodeling company does for its customers. The customer has control over the project with the input and the expertise of the remodeler. We are only concerned with giving our customers what they want through our skill, expertise, and knowledge.

The Highest Quality Materials

It is our belief that only the highest quality materials need to be used on the job. The reason is because high quality is going to last. It is going to be able to take the daily wear and tear and continue to look great for as long as possible. We will look at your budget and will be able to determine what you can and cannot afford when achieving the look or functionality that you are looking for. Fortunately, there are options available so that you can have what you want without breaking the bank or without having to leave certain elements that you want out of the project.

A Cost-Effective Design

Overall, what we can integrate into your home is a cost-effective design. If you tell us that you only have so much to spend, but you want a certain element in the room, we will figure out how to do that for you. We can present you with different options so that you can make an informed decision. We are not a St. Paul & Minneapolis remodeler that comes up with a design and tells you that is how it is going to be. The design can be altered to accommodate cost and taste.

Once the detailed design is complete, the final construction cost estimate and specifications will be written for the project. Our team of designers, estimators, and producers will work together to create a plan that can be followed with confidence.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Design & Remodeling Company

When you commission an experienced remodeler to design and complete your project, the end result is going to be something that you have wanted for your home for quite some time. We will work together with you on the design so that we have a solid plan on what we are developing for you. To learn more about the design portion of our services, call us at 612-366-7636 or fill out the contact form to request a free estimate.