Remodel Existing

This is the process of working mostly or entirely with in the existing foot print of the existing house. Often a very small addition can transform a kitchen or bath space into something vastly different from what was there previously. We work with our customers and their budgets to find solutions to their needs.

We mainly work with the existing footprint of the structure, so we are very experienced with the process. Often, a very small addition to a kitchen or bathroom can transform the space into something that is much different from what it was before. We work with our customers, their budgets, and their visions to find the solutions that will meet their needs.

Sometimes this remodeling job can be as small as adding some more storage space and other times it can be as large as completely changing the look and layout of a room. Whatever you want, our St. Paul & Minneapolis remodeling contractors will ensure that it is done for you.

Transforming Visions Into Reality

When we assess the value of the remodeling project, we ask a lot of questions so that we can understand how to meet your needs during the construction process. We check out zoning, floor space, age of the structure, HVAC requirements, accessible bathrooms, plumbing upgrades, fire regulations, electrical upgrades, and anything else that is applicable.

The following is part or all of the process that will be used in your remodel project:

  • Site inspection
  • Conceptual design
  • Creation of plans to complete the project
  • Completion of project specifications
  • Scheduling of when the project will be done
  • Acquisition of building permits
  • Project management
  • And follow-up with the customer after the project is complete

We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience throughout the remodel project and that we turn your existing structure into something that you can once again be proud of.

Improving The Look And Feel Of Your Home

The end result after a remodel is an improved look and feel to your home. Remodeling is something that is common within homes over time. In fact, the same home may be remodeled multiple times throughout its life due to the changes in tastes, styles, and the need for functionality. If you have found yourself in a place where you need a change of scenery rather than selling your house to get it, remodeling is a viable alternative. If your home hasn’t been remodeled since the 1960s outside of a paint job here and there and you want something more contemporary, our St. Paul and Minneapolis remodeling company can do that for you. We have taken the plainest of spaces and turned them into something spectacular and we have also taken busy spaces and turned them into something that is more organized. Whatever your needs, we are ready to take care of it for you.

Contact A Minneapolis St. Paul Remodeling Company

We specialize in remodeling existing spaces. This means assessing the existing footprint and presenting options that can turn it into what you want it to be. You do not have to sell your home to have a change of scenery. Instead, you can work with a contractor who can transform your existing space. To learn more, call 612-366-7636 or fill out the contact form to request a free estimate.