About Mark Tully

mark01t About Mark TullyMark Tully has been building and remodeling since 1974.

When Mark was a teen, his family would purchase houses so they could renovate and sell them. Mark helped them demolish structures, as well as haul the materials, paint, and landscape. While he was in college, Mark studied Political Science and Geology. It was through his Earth Science classes that he gained the valuable insight needed in all types of building-related concerns. Everything from live and dead load distribution to lead abatement and mold development was a part of his curriculum.

Right after college, he and a friend built a large log estate on Lake Superior’s north shore. A year after that, Mark was back in the Twin Cities and he picked up more work building a new Lake Harriet home. It was during his time working in South Minneapolis that he began to acquire side jobs of his own. After a year or so, Mark had enough work under his belt to begin his own business. This led to him becoming one of the most well-known and high quality Minneapolis & St. Paul remodelers in the Twin Cities.

40 Years And Counting

mark02t About Mark TullyIt was over a 15 year period that Mark developed his company. He worked on projects, such as Cictorian exterior restoration and interior Victorian stain matched crown work. The list can go on and on. Kitchen and bath jobs would follow in St. Paul. Mark was good at creating designs in collaboration with customers and then taking the drawings and transforming them into reality.

After that, Mark began a family with his wife, Wendy. So he would be around to help raise the kids, Mark closed down his business and decided to work for other contractors. Three years later, the business was closed and he used the opportunity of working for others to learn new things.

Creating A Legacy

Mark would join the union and do commercial finish work in downtown St. Paul. After that, he would seek out established residential builders and perform unique work for them in the areas of design and finish. During the height of the building boom, Mark spent four years doing work exclusively on Lake Minnetonka. This would lead to employment as a Project Manager for a reputable firm and he stayed there until the recession in 2008-2009 caused a decline in the demand for new construction.

But now Mark is back and he once again has one of the most revered St. Paul and Minneapolis remodeling companies in the area. His unique methods, knowledge, experience, and skills are open for Twin Cities homeowners to benefit from.

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M. Tully Construction is a design and build remodeling firm that is focused on taking an existing space and recreating it into something entirely new and highly functional. If you are looking to revamp your space rather than replacing it, we can help you. We listen to your wants and needs and we make it happen. To learn more about what M. Tully Construction can do for you, call 612-366-7636 or fill out the contact form to request a free estimate.