The design/build remodeler process is a unique process in that it makes the process seem much less overwhelming for the homeowner. The process is a unique one and it is one that, while it is duplicable across all jobs, has a uniqueness to it based on the job that you need completed.

The process that we use allows us and our clients to do the following:

  • Exchange information
  • Stay organized
  • Understand all aspects of the project
  • Meet deadlines
  • Eliminate surprises and guesswork

Effective And Frequent Communication

The following will give you a general idea of our proprietary design/build remodeling process. You will notice that there are planned meetings, schedules, paperwork, and other strategic steps that are made to ensure that we clearly communicate with the customer and understand their needs.

Even after understanding your needs, the communication continues. You will never be lost in the process. You will not have to wonder what is happening and your questions will always be answered immediately. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and confident that we are performing the work to your specifications and standards.

The Process

The process starts with the estimate. This can also be known as the “discovery phase,” as we are discovering what needs to be done. We are listening to you, what you want from your space, and we are devising how to create that for you so that we can give you an estimate based on the information you give us.

The second phase is the design phase where we come up with that design and we show it to you. You will notice we draw up a floor plan of the existing home and integrate the changes, which shows the parameters of the project. This is where a firmer idea of the scope of the project, the time, and the cost comes into play. Changes to the design can be made at this point and it can be finalized so that proper documentation regarding the design can be created. The materials that will be used will also be discussed and included in the documentation so that the final cost can be calculated.

Once the documentation is created and everything is understood and signed, then the construction process can begin. You will be communicated with every step of the way so that you are aware of what is happening during the process. When it is time for additional contractors to come to your property to work on the project, you will be informed of this.

Contact A St. Paul & Minneapolis Remodeler

M. Tully Construction uses a very methodical process to ensure that the needs and wants of clients are met. We will inform you every step of the way so that you know what to expect and how we go about things. We treat you, your home, and your property like it is our own and we ensure only the safest practices. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us at 612-366-7636 or fill out the contact form to request a free estimate.