We believe in the design/build concept of construction. This does not mean that we will not work with plans provided by others. We are happy to create quotes from others designs. From a client cost perspective the design/build model is the most efficient path to create a new space. We are capable of creating 3-d color perspective drawings, scaled plan views, elevations and details etc.


Currently, for us we are interested only in additions to existing structures. The focus here is to make sure that the new addition and the old house are as seamless in looks as the budget will allow.


This is the process of working mostly or entirely with in the existing foot print of the existing house. Often a very small addition can transform a kitchen or bath space into something vastly different from what was there previously. We work with our customers and their budgets to find solutions to their needs.


We understand that small projects are an important part of the remodeling business. It’s a basic need in home ownership. Please feel free give us a call about your project needs.


We provide our own carpentry labor and have a group of carpenters that we know well and work with regularly when larger tasks require more help. We also have relationships with electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors etc… to offer solutions to any issues that you may have.